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Client Testimonials

hypertyper wrote,
I signed up with StudyHost yesterday and I'm loving it.
Support has been fantastic. I had several queries and they all got dealt with within minutes! Getting that kind of service at this price is great!
papaimark wrote,
Today I started with Studyhost. A good start. I paid $10.50 for 1 year hosting ($6.49 GBP). The site is clear and easy to find things, but what surprised me was how fast they answered my questions. The replies came in less than one minute since the start. Answers were clear and concise, with links. In less than half an hour I was uploading my files and, as name servers updated almost immediately, the site started running.
Laura, Mediamusings
I needed a web host for Wordpress. Studyhost provided me with what I was looking for, they were fast and efficient and sorted my needs out.
Liz McCoy wrote,
Thank you @studyhost for the brilliant support provided recently - I would highly recommend your services!
Steve, Kingston Air & Hydraulics Ltd
We've used Studyhost for our e-commerce websites for 4 years, they've always had great support to helps us when we needed it and their prices are hard to beat when the service is this good, highly recommended.
Chris, Lexiprint Ltd.
These guys are great, we had struggled to find a company that could meet our all our needs in a package but Studyhost helped us get setup and kept it simple.
Ian, WD Media
I had numerous accounts at a very large popular web hosting company, in the end I chose one of Studyhost's reseller package and transferred all my domains over, everything is easy to mange now and I pay way less than before
Ian Halstead
I occasionally chat to former work colleagues who use Fasthosts, and when i compare the levels of service, and the turnaround time for questions to be answered, problems to be solved, well there is no comparison. I keep telling them to move their hosting, and I’ll keep trying.