UK Datacentre

There seems to be a network issue at the UK datacenter which is causing some UK servers not to respond.
We are in contact with datacenter regarding this. Updates will follow.

25th May 2012
DDOS Attack

Hello, The UK Standard server was under a DDOS attack which couldn't be filtered so our admins had to change the shared IP address to mitigate it. Your DNS can be cached on your router and still load the old IP address of your domains and causing them to load incorrectly. Please try clearing your computer's DNS cache. This can be done on a ... Read More »

14th May 2012
UK Standard Server

Hello Apologies

The shared IP of UK was blocked due to a DDoS attack. Updates will follow.

14th May 2012
standard UK server - slow response

  We have been working on the hardware node to indicate the cause of the issue. Unfortunately moving to the slave server does not fix the issue as the iowait is pretty high on it as well due to bad drive. The primary server has a bad drive inside of it as well. The bad drive on the primary server has been disconnected for now and the sites ... Read More »

11th May 2012
Data Centre Issues 28th May 2012

We have been checking with the datacenter for any reported network issue during that time and received update that there was a ddos to the network around the time the issue which caused temporary access issues. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.


30th Apr 2012
New Website

Welcome to Studyhosts brand new updated website. We've finally decided it was time for a change and to get upto date with a 1024 width website. With tried to keep the layout as simple and none technical as possible and will be looking to continue improve all areas of our website and packages. The new year promises to be a time of change and ... Read More »

20th Jan 2012