Website Monitoring

Do you have a vital website or a blog hosted with us?

Sometimes at any time of day something can go wrong, it can be that the server is down, email or the website fails. Would you like to receive instant email alerts as soon as your site goes down or becomes inaccessible to users?

There are many expensive web/server monitoring services available, but also some that offer the service for free.

One of the best of the free server/website monitoring services is Port Monitor. 

This is a great tool for web developers, system administrators or just anyone who wants to monitor something on Internet or check the uptime of their Wordpress Blog. It sends you a notification email every time something wrong happens with your website or server, and also records the error causes.

Port Monitor can check:
  • DNS
  • Server Pinging
  • and custom Ports (SMTP,POP,FTP, etc)

Port Monitor is available for signup at:


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