My website is very slow. I am getting very slow response from web/vps/server, what is the problem?

Please open a support ticket and provide this information so support can troubleshoot the problem for you:

1. Exact steps to reproduce the slow response including any login details or URLs to visit/browse.

2. Your IP address by visiting this page:

3. Traceroute from your computer to the server. To do a traceroute on your windows xp computer, please follow this:

Start : Programs : Accessories : Command Prompt

Once there, enter this command:

tracert XX

where XX can be your domain hosted on the server or the server machine name (e.g.

Copy/paste the result in the support ticket.

4. Test result by placing a large file in your account and downloading it on your vps via http. For example upload a php source tar.gz from this page to somewhere in your account via ftp, and then download it via your browser, and provide the download speed in the support ticket.

Note: If you have linux machine available, please try

wget http://url-to-php.tar.gz-file

And copy/paste the result in the support ticket.

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